The SMARTCore® Method was developed by Kaylee Cahoon, BCSI, ATSI, LMT, CPI.

Kaylee is a nationally recognized Movement Educator, Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Practitioner, former internationally touring professional modern dancer, former television and theater choreographer, and a teacher of teachers. Kaylee’s thirty plus years of exposure and training in various somatic movement methods such as the Pilates Method, Feldenkrais Method®, Ideokinesis, Eric Franklin, Alexander Technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals, as well as her own movement explorations combined with anatomy, physics, and neuroscience, provide the infrastructure for her perceptive and integrative teachings.

Kaylee approaches movement and fitness through the nervous system instead of the muscular system because ‘muscles don’t move themselves.’ Through a blend of structural bodywork, and somatic movement and fitness techniques, Kaylee’s SMARTCore Method differs from the standard fitness model by evoking lasting change in posture and movement patterns thus providing needed support for aging bodies to maintain mobility and strength. Due to the high level of success achieved with this program, SMARTCore Method is currently working to expand its reach by developing certification and mentoring programs for both movement and manual therapists to be offered in 2019. She currently teaches Continued Education courses for both movement and manual practitioners.

Kaylee works with a wide variety of populations from high profile professional athletes, dancers and entertainers to people with diagnosed medical issues such as MS, traumatic brain injury, pediatric neuromuscular conditions, and both acute and chronic pain patterns. The medical community often refers patients to Kaylee for injury prevention, developing core stability, neuromuscular repatterning and balancing, and biomechanical problem solving. She also collaborates with corporations and business professionals in forming strategies for maintaining health and positively impacting the negative effects of long-term sitting, standing, and repetitive movements in the workplace.

Kaylee founded and directed the Franklin School of Performing Arts (1991-2015), Pilates of Cool Springs (2004-2015), and developed the SMARTCore® Method in 2014. She is grateful for the opportunity to bring her life long passion with movement and structural balance to the world of health and fitness.

SMARTCore® Practitioners