1. The Master and the Servant

    Every week I listen to clients tell me that they just want their bodies to do what they want them to do.  They really want their bodies to look, feel and act like they used to.  When we are young, we take on the idea that our mind is the master, and our body is the servant.  Our bodies act as sla…Read More

  2. Do You Have a Bully in Your Body?

    Following an injury, we are often told that certain muscles are weak and need to be strengthened.  Since most stories have two sides, I want to talk about the other side of the story.  It has been my experience that often along with a weak or inhibited muscle lives a shortened hypertonic muscle th…Read More

  3. Do You Move Like a Stick Figure?

    A few years ago I was teaching a 6th grade school teacher who came to the conclusion in my session that she moved like a stick figure. We learn to draw bodies at a very early age as a stick torso, stick arms and legs, and a circle for the head. Very few people actually enhance their people drawing s…Read More

  4. Moving With Intention

    A difficult thing for me to watch is people flapping their arms or legs around mindlessly in an attempt at exercising. I refer to it as 'auto-pilot exercising.' Having come from a modern dance background, I was taught that all movement needed purpose, and I believe that to be true. When movement has…Read More