The SMARTCore® Movement Method focuses on precision, form, and technique with intentions of improving posture and correcting movement patterns to enhance your quality of life, improve performance, and maintain mobility and ability as you age. SMARTCore aims to improve function which leads to positive and lasting change in the shape of your body with ‘form following function.’ With the current Covid 19 pandemic, we are in a re-organizing phase for our in studio class offerings and are only offering virtual classes at this time.

*** Our virtual class schedule can be found through the Schedulicity App. Please email Jessica at if you have any questions or if you would like a Zoom tutorial to help you benefit from our virtual options.

Bodies in Motion: Join Kaylee in this movement flow class aimed at stretching and lengthening fascial lines, mobilizing joints, stretching, breathing, and helping our bodies cope with our current state of he world. You will need an armless chair that’s seat is pretty flat (not tilted) or a regular height stool or bench along with a mat or rug to lay down on.  Make sure there is room around you for your arms and legs to extend away from your body. This class is appropriate for beginner-advanced movers, however beginners should reduce their range of motion and possibly move slower until they learn and better organize the movements.  A Zoom link will go to your email 2 hours before the class so that you can join.

Beginner Pilates: Grab a mat, a folded towel or small pillow for your head if needed, and a space in your house where have room to lay down, and join Jana for this weekly Pilates Mat Class via Zoom!  A link will go to your email 2 hours before the class for you to join the class.

Therapeutic Fitness: One of Kaylee’s passions is teaching people how to ‘friend’ their bodies. This class uses very gentle, slow, and repetitive movements to increase awareness, release chronic tension, better balance movement assymetries, and regain movement freedom in held or tight areas.  It is appropriate for most levels of fitness. You will need to be able to lay your body out flat with room to move your arms and legs around you.  You will need a blanket or carpet underneath you and a small folded towel or small pillow for your head if needed for your comfort.  Occasionally some of this class is done seated, so having a fairly flat seated chair or bench nearby would be helpful. A Zoom link will be emailed to you 2 hours before the class for you to join.

SMARTCore Open: Body weight class that details joint positioning and neuropatterning with complex movements, challenges gravity, and keeps a steady flow and pace. This is not a beginner class. Kaylee’s goal of this class if for your body to feel more open, flexible, active and energized by the end of the class. We will use a variety of props from your home such as a hard chair, a broom stick or other stick, a ball, etc.  You will get an email with what those are as well as a Zoom link 2 hours before the class to join in.