Congratulations to Ashlyn Hines Meneguzzi who has been chosen as the client feature for July, 2016. Hear what Ashlyn has to say about her experience at SMARTCore Fitness Method
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It is a challenge to write a testimonial about my experience with the SMARTCore Method Studio because there are so many positive things to say about it, I don’t even know where to start. So, here goes:
I am 53 years old and discovered Pilates almost 9 years ago when this studio was on General George Patton Drive. I had always been in decent shape mainly through workouts in the gym and as much cardio as I could do. The strange thing was, I never really felt great. I had a really bad bicycle accident as a teenager, and I believe I developed a lot of postural/structural problems over many years of compensating behaviors. I decided that to help my posture, I would check out Pilates. I started private sessions with Jana – who is amazing – and then started taking group classes all while continuing to do my other workouts. At some point, maybe a year in, I had an ‘aha’ moment. I was standing up straighter and becoming sooo much more aware of how my body worked physically. An example of this is how I started to understand that just because my neck was bothering me, maybe the cause wasn’t my neck – the whole body works together. At any rate, I decided to put myself completely in the hands of Kaylee, drop running and the gym, and see what happened.
What happened was and is a life changing transformation. This is truly a method of taking care of your body that has immediate benefits that you can continue improving on for a life time. In addition to Kaylee, I also see Maggie who is absolutely phenomenal with her level of detailed instruction and support on this journey. Anne is amazing with her reflexology and Kayashlyn2lee has completely changed the way I feel with her Structural Integration Series.
The SMARTCore Method Studio is a holistic approach to taking care of your body, mind and spirit. I would not be where I am today with my health without this transformational approach to fitness and wellbeing. It makes me so happy to share my experience here in the hopes that others will take this step to lifelong fitness!

Every featured client of SMARTCore Fitness Method works hard to achieve better health—and you can, too! As Franklin’s fitness center of choice, SMARTCore Fitness Method can help you achieve better posture, alignment, and overall health through pilates, reflexology, and more. Contact us today to begin your fitness journey!