Every week I listen to clients tell me that they just want their bodies to do what they want them to do.  They really want their bodies to look, feel and act like they used to.  When we are young, we take on the idea that our mind is the master, and our body is the servant.  Our bodies act as slaves as we force them to do activity and non-activity through pain and discomfort per the will of the mind.  After all, didn’t we learn that mind is over matter?

Then sadly age creeps in, and we are utterly in disdain and denial about the change in roles that is taking place between our mind and body.  Yes, it is true, the reality is that the body is the master and the mind is the servant.  Anyone with disease or physical limitation could have told you that one!  But we continue to resist in acknowledging the direction of this relationship, and often that resistance causes even more confusion and dysfunction in the body.

Point blank- without your body, your mind has nowhere to live or function.  Your mind is nourished by your body through the delivery of oxygen, blood, nutrients, and stimulating nerve connections through the movements of the body.  The only mind over matter here is the delay in feeling the repercussions of this misunderstood relationship.  You might say, “Linda can wear those high heels all day, every day and she is fine.”  I can confidently say, that is going to come back and bite Linda in the you know what later in life with restricted foot function (and other problems) that inhibits her walking into those years where walking is so necessary.  The body follows the same laws as everything else- cause and effect.

Listen and honor what you feel in your body.  Take time to notice the accruing tightness as you sit for hours at work or home.  You can only keep your hands over your ears pretending to not hear your body’s complaints for so long.  Listen to the master, do what it needs, acknowledge how hard it has worked for you, and live in a happy, peaceful body for many, many years.