Posture Effects Everything

One of my favorite quotes from a very old book by Mabel Ellsworth Todd, the Thinking Body, depicts how you can determine a person’s status in life by their posture and movement habits.

“The explorer and the pioneer stand up; the prisoner and the slave crouch; the saints lean forward; the overseer and the magnate lean back. The marshall rides, Hamlet walks, Shylock extends the hands, Carmen requires weight on one foot, hands on hips, eyes over the shoulder.”

Ms. Todd had advanced knowledge and awareness of how our attitudes live out in our physical body. There has been recent scientific research proving that not only is the physical posture a reflection of attitudes, but attitudes can in fact be changed by assuming postures that are typically connected with those attitudes. This is why exercise and positive changes in posture can help with depression, anxiety, and much, much more.

Change your mind to change your body is as important as changing your body to change your mind. Another important reason to spend a portion of your designated ’fitness’ time developing your awareness to WHAT you are doing and HOW you are doing it.

The WHAT and HOW are the foundation of every class and session at SMARTCore Fitness Method. This is how we help you to feel better in your body and feel taller even after one session. This is how we help you to make long lasting change in your body. This is why your joints don’t hurt after taking classes with us! We are a studio where fitness and well-being are synonyms. 🙂