Kaylee is a nationally-recognized Movement Educator, internationally board certified Structural Integration Practitioner, Professional Athlete Body Coach, creator of Structural Functional Bodywork™ and Movement Specificity Training™,former internationally touring professional modern dancer, former television and theater choreographer, and a teacher of teachers. Kaylee’s 30-plus years of exposure and training in various somatic movement methods such as the Pilates Method, Feldenkrais Method®, Ideokinesis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Laban Movement as well as her own movement explorations combined with anatomy, physics, and neuroscience, provide the infrastructure for her perceptive and integrative teachings and work. Kaylee approaches movement  through the nervous system instead of the muscular system because ‘muscles don’t move themselves.’ This approach differs from standard fitness and athletic training with a focus on ‘how’ movement occurs. Working this way invites lasting change in posture and movement which is instrumental in preventing injury and reeducating chronic injury related patterning and compensations to improve the body’s future function.