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  1. Dealing with Arthritis Symptoms

    If you have arthritis, you understand the struggle—sharp joint pain, stiffness, and swelling can make it difficult to handle some of life’s simplest tasks. But with the right strategy, you’ll be able to get back on your feet and relieve arthritis symptoms as they appear. In this blog, the ther…Read More

  2. Posture and Your Health

    SMARTCore Fitness Method isn’t just Franklin’s fitness hub—we’re passionate about providing classes that not only improve your fitness level, but increase your mobility and flexibility, improve your posture, and boost your feelings of wellbeing and overall holistic health. It’s no secret a…Read More

  3. Choosing a SMARTCore Fitness Class

    As Franklin’s fitness experts, SMARTCore Fitness Method is in a league of its own in helping people achieve better strength, mobility, posture, alignment, and holistic health. But even with our fitness center right around the corner, it can be hard to decide which fitness class is right for your …Read More

  4. The Benefits of Pilates

    As Franklin’s fitness and pilates expert, SMARTCore Fitness Method is dedicated to providing you with fitness programs that improve your body’s fitness, alignment, and holistic health. That’s why we offer a diverse range of pilates, reflexology, bodywork, and meditation sessions. In today’s …Read More

  5. Posture Effects Everything

    Posture Effects Everything One of my favorite quotes from a very old book by Mabel Ellsworth Todd, the Thinking Body, depicts how you can determine a person’s status in life by their posture and movement habits. “The explorer and the pioneer stand up; the prisoner and the slave crouch; the saint…Read More

  6. Client Feature: September 2016 Jodi Wolfe

    Congratulations to Jodi Wolfe who has been chosen as the client feature for September, 2016.  Hear what Jodi has to say about her experience at SMARTCore Method . . .  My introduction to SMARTCore Pilates came about 3 years ago.  I had just recently had my daughter and was feeling “sluggish…Read More

  7. Client Feature: July 2016 Ashlyn Hines Meneguzzi

    Congratulations to Ashlyn Hines Meneguzzi who has been chosen as the client feature for July, 2016. Hear what Ashlyn has to say about her experience at SMARTCore Fitness Method . . . It is a challenge to write a testimonial about my experience with the SMARTCore Method Studio because there are so…Read More

  8. Client Feature: May 2016 Brenna Ganota

    Congratulations to Brenna Ganota who has been chosen as the client feature for May, 2016. Hear what Brenna has to say about her experience at SMARTCore Method . . . I am so thankful for Kaylee Cahoon and her team at SMARTCore Fitness Method. I was led to pilates in the fall of 2011 after an intense…Read More

  9. Client Feature: April 2016 Penny Vaughn

    Congratulations to Penny Vaughn who has been chosen as the client feature for April, 2016. Here what Penny has to say about her experience at SMARTCore Method . . . "Life changing" is the way I would describe my experiences with pilates and the SMARTCore method! I began taking classes with Kaylee t…Read More